Friday, May 29, 2009

New Kits!!

I have two new kits to offer you.

The first is an introduction to titanium coloration, in the form of a project to make a wire-wrapped heat-colored fish pin. It includes enough titanium to make two large pins, or a pin and a pair of earrings. I am also including a paper I put together on how to anodize, and a print-out of approximate colors titanium can produce. Everything you need to know to get started! You will also need a saw frame, a bench pin, a rotary tool (I include a ball bur and 2 saw blades), a torch (hand-held butane is fine) and a clean fire-proof surface.

The second new kit is the gold and silver ring you can see below, They Won't Believe You Made It Ring. I've written it up as a beginning soldering project, very detailed, and I include a small packet of borax for flux, citric acid for pickle, and a piece of easy solder. You do need quite a few tools, though, so feel free to contact me for the full list!

The Fish Pin kit is yours for $62 including shipping, and the ring kit is $72, including your choice of stone color.