Monday, January 28, 2008

Can't get to a class you want?

If you just can't get to a class you had your eye on, I offer kits for some of them. These include detailed, step-by-step instructions just like the articles I write for Art Jewelry Magazine, complete with close-up color photos, and all the materials you need, including copper practice wire and specialized tools. General tools such as hammers, ring mandrels and pliers are not included.

The kits available at this time are Etruscan Style Ring & Chain, $68; Sinuous Silver Bracelet (aka Flowing Hammered Wire Bracelet)$87; Knit Wire Bangle (aka Bead-filled Bangle, but the kit does NOT contain beads),$87; and Lively Loopy Ring,$50. This last one requires soldering; instructions give all the details, but it is always easiest to learn soldering directly from a human being.

Contact me at for more details.


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