Saturday, September 16, 2006

Here is a shot I snapped of a couple of solder weights, as described on Orchid as follows: "You can make these pretty easily. In Charles L-B's book "Cheap Thrills in the Tool Shop", he describes how to make solder weights. I don't remember exactly how he put it, it has been so long, but I keep a couple on my bench. Start with a rectangular tin, such as from Altoids or Band-aids. Drill a hole at one end, like at the narrow end of the lid of the band-aids tin, and insert a piece of steel wire heavy enough to stay straight. File a rounded point on the wire and bend the last half-inch at right angles away from the tin. I also bend the part inside the tin into a zig-zag so it won't rotate but will stay in one position in the tin. Then fill up the tin with nuts and bolts, rusty tumbler shot, or something else with some weight to it. To use it, you set it on its side so the weight rests on the wire tip, and one edge of the tin. The wire tip acts like a "finger" to hold parts in place while soldering. You can adjust the amount of pressure by raising or lowering the base of the tin with bricks or whatever."


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I love this!!

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