Monday, January 28, 2008

Welcome, 2008 students

Greetings to anyone accessing this blog, and especially to my bead event students. Please feel free to email me with any concerns or questions-- Please be aware that I am teaching at 6 different events this year, so be sure to tell me where you will be taking my classes.

Once again this year, I am offering to take orders for my favorite hammer. You will need a hammer with a rounded, polished face for the Lively Loopy Ring, Sinuous Silver Bracelet and They-Won't-Believe-You-Made-It Ring. It does not have to be this one! I just like this one, and students find it convenient to have me bring a box of hammers to class for them. The details and a picture can be found by scrolling down to last year's entries. The difference is, not surprisingly, prices have gone up. I can bring you a hammer for $35. I also have some simple bench pins for $8, for those of you taking Magic Metal Menagerie.

If you are taking either Magic Metal Menagerie or the Charm of Color, it would be great if you can bring a handheld butane torch and a soldering surface or firebrick, and/or a Dremel tool with a 3/32" collet. Other collets may also be useful. A jeweler's saw and 2/0 or 3/0 blades will also come in handy. I will have tools there for you to use, but there will be much less waiting and resultant frustration if you can bring your own.

At events other than Bead & Button, an extension cord is a good idea. A task lamp can be a big help as well.

I hate to admit it, but there may be other needed tools I forgot to put on the official lists, so try to check back here for additional information as class draws nearer.


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